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Tunde Adediran: Music & more with the auxiliary cord god

Our 11th episode is with Nigerian music critic and hip-hop head Olatunde Adediran.

Conversation: how McHammer influenced his love for hiphop, how the 2011 NBA lockout led to the creation of SYBT, the controversy that often came with his music reviews, the challenges of artist management, and the transition from SYBT to JLM.

Efe Oraka: A cornucopia of depth & talent!

Our conversation with Efe Oraka covered artists interactions with their fans, what makes Abuja a great breeding ground for musicians, her life changing online moment with Jon Bellion, her love for the Yoruba language, how sound of music influenced her musical palette, why Asa and 2face are ‘mummy and daddy’ and more.

Peeling back the layers with Myoa!

International singer-songwriter, Mayowa Sobamowo (Myoa) chats about her music and collaborative process, her experience at the Hollywood Musicians Institute, what led to her working relationship with Cobhams, attending the 2016 Grammys, and her upcoming album/EP ‘Beautiful Journey.’

A food music session with Amaha

Amaha discusses her transition from an ’emo’ child songwriter to a happier/more balanced songwriter, being recruited by the UN and the CIA, how Jeremiah Gyang was instrumental to her music, her encounter with Timbaland, and how Asa inspires her.