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A food music session with Amaha (Episode 7)

Amaha discusses her transition from an ’emo’ child songwriter to a happier/more balanced songwriter, being recruited by the UN and the CIA, how Jeremiah Gyang was instrumental to her music and why she respects his artistry, her encounter with Timbaland, the influence a ‘Yoruba demon’ had on a song, how Asa inspires her, and more.

TheSNCPodcast with Tha_XYZ (Episode 6)!


Insights and perspective with Nigerian music producer, rapper, and video director, Tha_XYZ.
We talk about a variety of things: where he got his moniker from, what makes Unilag students special, his perspective on sampling, what it was like producing for ModeNine & IllBliss, his love for beats versus his love for music production, what it’s like being a video director and more.

Episode 5 – with Pheelz


Earlier in the year we got the opportunity to interview Pheelz at his studio. He talked about how his pastor convinced his parents to allow him pursue his passion for music, where he draws his inspiration from, how he met Olamide, his Mr Producer Academy initiative, his weakest beat, why ID Cabasa is his guardian angel, why Nigerian producers do not get their dues and what he’s doing to address this through his business initiative LyriCash, and much more.