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Oliver Enwonwu: Artist, Brand Strategist & Curator

What’s the state of visual arts and artists in Nigeria? What impact does forgery have on an artist’s work? How does art valuation work?

Listen to Folashade Anozie speak with Oliver Enwonwu, a respected visual artist, brand strategist, and art administrator based in Lagos, Nigeria about all these and more.

Dayo Adeneye – A Nigerian Entertainment Luminary

Folashade Anozie x Dayo Adeneye

Otunba Dayo Adeneye is our 3rd guest of the year. He is a broadcaster, investor, music executive, politician, and entertainment consultant.

Alongside Kenny Ogungbe, Dayo Adeneye was instrumental in transforming the face of radio and TV in Nigeria. He also contributed immense value to the Nigerian music and entertainment industry at large.

Our conversation with him covered his journey into politics, the Grammys, artist and label disputes, and lots more. 

Timzil: A go-getter!

Our second episode of the year is with budding singer-songwriter Timilehin Adeniyi, better known as Timzil. Timzil’s genre of music is R&B/Soul and he has been writing professionally for the past 6 years.

Our conversation covered his AMVCA nomination for Best Soundtrack in a movie/series, the need for upcoming artists to pay attention to their mental health, and the Nigerian music producer that he would kill to work with.

A quick-fire chat with Chief Oladele Fajemirokun

My first guest of 2020 is Chief (Dr.) Oladele Fajemirokun. Chief Fajemirokun is a Nigerian businessman, investor, and venture capitalist. He has more than 42 years of extensive experience in building businesses and creating wealth.

On the 15th of July 2019, he released his book “The Making of Me: My Odyssey in Business”, which chronicles his life, his business war stories, and strategies for growing his companies and achieving success.

Our discussion revolved around applying his business principles and philosophies to the Nigerian music industry and life in general.

Olusola Adekola: Alaga 101

What does it mean to be an Alaga? Where did the concept of Alagas come from? Why do a good number of Nigerians have reservations about Alagas and some of the practices that they promote?

Olusola Adekola, a seasoned Alaga, provides some answers to these questions as we take a deep dive into the world of Alagas.

Olalekan Ogunbanwo: A Broadcasting Maestro

For our 9th episode of the year, we dive into the world of broadcasting and journalism. Our guest for this episode is Olalekan Ogunbanwo, the former Permanent Secretary of Lagos Television, Eko FM, and Radio Lagos.

Our conversation covers his journey into broadcasting, the current state of Nigeria’s broadcasting sector, advice for budding radio and TV presenters, and more.